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The way of the apostle Paul

I am like the apostle Paul, in one respect. “By the grace of God, I am what I am.” That is: a forgiven sinner who has learnt the hard way to judge no man in any other area than one in which I myself have been forgiven. And by the lenient mercy of God I have not received what I deserve but where sin abounded in my life, grace abounded much more.

Sharing the Bible with sinners is therefore not a ministry that I perform. It is a necessity that moves through all of my life. And it reaches the four corners of the world and stretches around the globe. That I would not have been able to plan.

My task

I may be the drainpipe that leads a trickle or a torrent of living water, but the drainpipe never invents or owns the rain. My task is to interfere as little as possible with the flow, just the way house owners must unblock the drain pipes when the falling leaves have diminished the flow, so I come before the Lord as often as I can to be corrected, disciplined and equipped for the onward journey.

The whole Word of God for all people in all ages at all times.

I am already over 75 years old and the truth is that I have less time ahead in life than behind. But while I can I will be open to the living waters raining down from Heaven so as to catch and channel them to the dry and thirsty land. Together with my wife Diana I invest much of my time and what money I have to bless new and old believers with the wonderful means to let the entire Bible be the basis for a fully Christian life experience.

The whole Word for all people in all ages at all times. No more. No less.

God bless! // Teddy Donobauer