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How does it work?

Groups of people gathering together with the specific purpose of understanding the Bible gather regularly and purposely once or twice a week and spend one session on each of the 72 Windows. If they are already in the Faith they will receive the opportunity with joy. If they are curious about what the Faith is then they will be drawn to Him who is the core of the Faith and learn what it is they need to reject if they will not be persuaded to believe. It is very silly to reject what you do not understand. Truth remains truth even if no one believes it.

  1. The group, consisting of a maximum of 15 people meet for reading, meditating and praying for the session ahead. Determine the length of time they want to spend on each section. The Bible claims to be the work of the Holy Spirit, and only the Holy Spirit is the interpreter of his own work.
  2. One member takes on the responsibility to keep a notebook and summarizes at the end of every session what all agreed on seeing in the passage. Questions arising are noted and kept because they may be answered in a future passage.
  3. As the purpose of God’s entire plan is that men and women should know God then the attitude of each member should be to speak respectfully of God, even if they do not as yet know Him personally. The motto for the entire 72 Windows into the Redemption plan of God is “Seek me while I may be found, says the LORD”
  4. It is not necessary that the group is lead by a professional. (Read: Pastor, priest, elder or theologian.) Christ is our Rabbi and the Spirit in the participants is able to keep them from falling. “He will lead you into all truth.” However, it will soon be seen as self evident that the local pastor and Elders also partake in the course at some time. The members will otherwise know more than their leaders.
  5. It is important to remember that we all see in part, nobody sees the whole. Therefore all are important to the understanding of the whole. As Paul wrote in Romans 15:14. 2”I myself am persuaded that you are all filled with goodness and knowledge and can admonish one another.” And we are committed to a view of the group which says that we are all built up by the support that is provided by each member. Ephesians 4:11-16