How it all started

Visiting Kenya and Burundi I saw the reality that few ordinary members possess bibles. Few pastors have any formal biblical education. Most preach what they have heard someone else say, but few know the word of God in a fuller sense of that word. But people are curious!

Why did we start this biblical window peeping? Because that is what the “72 windows plan” is all about. It arose out of a well established if somewhat unfortunate fact. Hundreds of thousands of church goers come to hear the messages of many thousand preachers. And mostly they peep in through a chosen window: “The text for the day”, into a room of truth, but looking in through the window is not entering the room!”

72 windows is born

Window peeping is then a true description of a lot of the preaching going on in churches of all kinds across the 2 billion lives of believers of many different hues and shades. People are shown what they could have, but few enter the premises of those promises. “They have been brought out, but never enter in.”

Betterment of the Bible knowledge

So how could we assist in using that curiosity for the overall betterment of the Bible knowledge of the people? If we want them to see the scope of God’s plan in the Bible we must lead them to read the whole Bible. If they never see the whole, then the details make little sense. First you need to see the whole building, and that can be done by looking in through the windows.

So that is how this selection of the 72 windows was born. You could argue  at length as to how truly representative they are, and if they are the best, or even enough. But these were the ones I chose. And this is what God so far has been pleased to bless and use. No doubt future revisions will improve the material.